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Guidelines for Submission

In a nutshell, THE MUTT is storytelling about the intertwining of language and culture through unique, individual vantage points. We believe that real and personal stories inspire and move people in ways that arguments and statistics cannot replicate. 

We welcome stories that…
  • Foster reflection on how language learning eliminates boundaries between people.

  • Emphasize the commonality of the human experience regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, language, age, gender, sexual preference, and ability.

  • Evoke lessons learned, empathy and understanding gained, without falling into easy morals.


So, what to write about?

This is NOT a story about you touching the tip of the Eiffel Tower! We have all had wonderful experiences traveling and learning, but what are the ones that touched your soul?


Think of true, personal stories of profound embarrassment, loss, joy, pain, misunderstanding, guilt, redemption. Tell us about those moments of confusion, desolation, and/or revelation that changed your view of the world, and which you would not have encountered if it weren’t for the experience of learning other language(s) and/or immersing yourself in different cultures.

holding eiffel tower.jpg
Before submitting, run your text by this checklist:


  • Original work, not published elsewhere unless you are the owner of any possible copyright permission

  • Minimum length of 300 words

  • Word document (PDFs not accepted)

  • Spelling and grammar clean

  • No self-promotion

  • Short bio ready (up to 100 words)

A few more details to keep in mind

THE MUTT’s editorial team reserves the right to edit or reject submissions. We will use the email address employed for submission to communicate with the author. Accepted submissions will be featured for one month on the landing page of THE MUTT; afterwards, they will remain published in the THE MUTT’s Blog. As of this moment, we cannot pay for accepted contributions.


We encourage authors to submit one or two original images—or other pictures for which they have secured permission for publication—along with their text. They must be submitted in .JPG format. Think of these images as a core element of your story, not as simple decoration.


If you prefer to write in Spanish, our Translation Certificate interns* can provide a translation into English. THE MUTT accepts submissions in other languages, but requires that you also provide a translation into English.


*Students who are finishing up the Certificate in Translation Spanish <> English, offered by the The Department World Languages and Cultures at The College of Saint Rose (Albany, NY).

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