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Mutts We All Are

A mutt? You mean a mongrel? The dictionary definition of a mongrel is “any cross between different things, especially if inharmonious or indiscriminate.” Let’s just say that mutt sounds better. Mutts are known to be smarter than purebred dogs, anyways.


Mutts we all are. We may have started out as purebreds, but then that sneaky little thing called language changed us, right down to our DNA. Learning another language seems like an outwardly academic task, but every language is infused with culture. Once you let culture in, there is no turning back. You are forever different.


THE MUTT is a direct result of the Black Lives Matter movement, and our dear colleague, Gabrielle Euvino’s response to it in a World Languages and Cultures department meeting at The College of Saint Rose. This forum was her brainchild, her idea for how who we are and what we do might positively impact people who have difficulty seeing issues from another person’s vantage point. After all, learning a new language and a new culture requires that you take on that alternate vision of the world.


We are here to tell you our stories of language learning, of cultures banging into each other, at times with very humorous results. We welcome you to join us in laughter, in pain, in awe, and to contribute the stories you may want to tell.

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